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Performance . Installation

Work in Progress

SYLVESTER Defends the power of Fauna and Flora. Explores our animal condition, and our connection with nature. Each step, each image have been inspired from a Wild being, and in the sense of dances made by indians. Technological media are used to awake our SYLVESTER dimention.

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The Artist seeks incur a labyrinth of surreal imagery to push the limits of the ordinary perception of the body. The power of expression, and the irrational content opens the door to new forms that activate the imagination, and take the viewer to travel trough his consciousness. The performer´s body materializes figures that are drawn thourough her sense experience, and the present is narrated by her movements. The performer explores an abstract and non verbal language that is the Aerial Dance in silk to get into the transformation.

Inspired by the image of Alice falling into vacum (Lewis Caroll) and the aesthetic of Fritz Freleng, the artist sets a sort of enthropy and brings to the spectator elements to create his/her own psychedellic fiction from the images that are presented: A Dancer suspended on the air, a drawing that is transformed, music, sounds and silence

An Aerial Fabric choreography danced with the aim to fly in vacum, touching the air, spinnig , dancing and being suspended. Pursuing the perfection and the complexity of the highlevel aerial dance, in the simplicity and the beauty

Aire makes visible the fragility, and the streghtness.

Artist Carolina Ramirez  works on this project to create an artistic expression that talks about recycling plastic packages that saturates our world, and have already conformed an entire continent of plastic garbage. This anguishing situation birngs her to the need to take action, and this is the attitude respecting it, what is yours?

The costume, and the elements used on the scene are worked with recycled plastic packages; Plastic and plasticity make alchemy and give this result.